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Raptor's JV takes 2 of 3 from Summit

The Raptors JV is off to a 4-1-1 start after taking 2 of 3 from the Summit Spartans. The JV is being led by some Sophomore leadership in Trey Ferguson, Ethan Johnson, Peter Clifford, and Zach Sharber at the plate, and Jackson Stone on the mound. The leadership has allowed the Raptors to go 1-1-1 against Centennial, gain a win against Whites Creek and win the series against Summit. Freshman production has come from Brandon Jaworski, Brennan Whitten, Evan Pope, Hunter Price and Mason Stauffer. Coach Borne is platooning all players to give all an opportunity to produce and improve. If you have the opportunity, come out and see the young fellas play. You will not be disappointed. Go Raptors!