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2014 Parent Player-Packs Ready

Raptor Baseball Family Your parent/player pack is ready. I am adding a link below to a flyer with instructions for ordering as well as a list of FAQ's for you. It's pretty self-explanatory but here are some pointers. -Parent/Player pack access is not immediately granted when you sign up for an account. The system processes those about every 2-5 minutes, so there is just a little bit of delay to view the pack once you are signed up. -The Parent/Player Pack Code needs to be entered exactly as it appears on the flyer (capitalization does not matter, but there must be spaces between the words) Your code is: Ravenwood Raptors -Many of the items in the pack are customized and embellishment takes time. All orders are sent to our embellishment shops at the same time (after the pack has closed). No parent/player pack orders will begin processing until March 8, at which point we will compile all orders, bring in the blank gear from the vendors and send to the lettering shop for printing and embroidery. -We will be waiving the shipping fee on all items in the Parent/Player pack, however all orders will have a $5 handling fee. -Effective January 1, 2014, NSG will be charging a late fee of an additional $30 per item ordered after the player pack has closed. Your pack will close on Monday, March 8th.   Go Raptors!! Player pack instructions click here ===> Ravenwood PP