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5/11/15 Congratulations All Swim and Dive Team Academic Athletes- 2nd Highest Team GPA at Ravenwood!

Athletes with a 3.5 GPA or higher were recently invited to an Athletic Luncheon to celebrate the accomplishments of Ravenwood athletes in their sport and in their studies! We are very pleased to announce that The Swim and Dive Team had 32 out of 39 team members represented and the team currently has the 2nd highest GPA at Ravenwood for both Girls and Boys! We are very proud of our academic athletes: Hanna Cho, Sammi Fogelberg, Danielle Kimmet, Jamie Blaylock, Alex Lowe, Taylor Blaylock, Natalie VanNoy, Kelsey Graumann, Caroline Preheim, Maria Malchow, Claire Sudarshan, LillyAnn Burke, Peyton Conder, Kendall Kitahara, Emily Long, Garima Jethwani, Natalia Biancheri, Georgia Martelle, Tesssa Hall, Austin Fischbach, Julian Brock, Tyler Williams, Morgan Cary, Tanner Lucas, Duncan McCurry, Nikhil Arun, Ethan Carlson, Michael Kindy, Takahiro Igarashi, Ryan Anderson, Will Axon, and Nathan Fischbach. Congratulations to all of you for all your hard work!