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Raptors Battle to 3-3 Tie

Ravenwood High School – In their final regular season and final district match, the Raptors battled Independence to a 3-3 tie.

It was also senior night for Danny Barker, Rolando Barker, Dalton Bickel, Jesse Boone, Pedro Cobo, Grayson Hetherington, Jake Hill, Zach Levine, and TJ Munzel.

Ravenwood got started fast. In the 2nd minute, The Raptors gained possession starting in the mid-field with Munzel and Sams who played it forward to Hill and Boone who found a streaking Hetherington for the games first goal.

DSC05344Over the next 15 minutes, the back-line of Lockhart, Cobo, Thomas, and Layland would take control of the game defending well and keeping the ball.

That control would pay off in the 18th minute allowing Chris Barker to press forward, win the ball, and finish for the 2 goal advantage.

12 Minutes into the second half, Independence would get their first goal to cut the Raptor lead in half. Then just 10 minutes later, they would get the equalizer to tie the game at 2.

Ravenwood, however, would answer, when Jake Hill penetrated deep into the Indy 18 yard box then passing it to Dalton Bickel, who had positioned himself perfectly, for the tap in goal giving Ravenwood the 3-2 lead.

Just minutes later, however, Indy would get a call and be awarded a PK that tied the game at 3-3.

DSC05159Both teams would have good opportunities to win but, in the end, this game would end in a tie.

Because both teams ended the season with the same record in district, a coin toss, won by Independence, determined that Independence gets the 2 seed in next weeks district tournament.

Stay tuned for more information about game times. Go Raptors!

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