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Raptors “Graduate” to Elite 8

Ravenwood High School – On a big day for 9 Raptor Seniors, who graduated earlier in the day, the soccer team gave them a extra present by beating Hendersonville 2-1 to head back to the state cup for the second year in a row and 5th in the last 6 years.

Last year, the program made history getting to the state semi-finals. This years group looks to better that performance when they head to Murfreesboro next Tuesday for their state quarterfinal match.

Tonight’s game was about grit. Ravenwood started well but Hendersonville would strike first.

Then, with roughly 15 minutes left in the first half, Jake Hill tied the game at one. He was asked about the game.

We got down early. Hard to give up a goal that early and have to come back but we did. We got two goals before the half ended then kind of held on in the second half.

Then, just minutes later, Grayson Hetherington penetrated deep into Hendersonville territory before Chris Barker found the net for what would be the game winner. Chris was asked to take us through his goal.

The ball was passed to Grayson and he got into the box. I’ve always been a guy to follow up shots. I saw that he was going in for a goal. He went for it. It hit the bar and it came to me. I knew I had to kick it in. There was a defender there but I was able to get it past him and the goalie.

After the game, coach Londono was asked to comment on the game.

I’m proud. We were resilient. We had to fight our way back. Hendersonville is a tough team. They are a physical team. Most of those guys were seniors. We had to dig deep and do what we needed to do. Could we have done things better? Absolutely. But we will learn from this. We did not want to get into the scenario that we got into. They were such a physical and direct team. We didn’t want to get into that game but we had to deal with it. Hopefully, we’ll learn from that. From now on, every team is really good. It’s a happy experience because we do advance.


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