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Ravenwood Finishes State Runner-up

Murfreesboro, TN – The game was to big for this reporter to try and keep notes. There were more important things to do…like watch and text family and friends with updates. There are other articles that tell the story.

Here are some facts worth noting:

The Raptors made history, for the second year in a row, reaching the TN AAA state final.

The Raptors were District Finalists.

The Raptors were Region Champions.

The Raptors were Sectional Champions.

The Raptors finished with a 12-4-3 record losing only 2 of their last 9 games.

Since May 5th, when the District tournament started, the Ravenwood back-line did not allow more than one goal in any games except the district final and state final. In 7 of the 9 games, the Raptor Defense of Jack Hyatt, Baker Lockhart, Pedro Cobo, Spencer Layland, Dylan Thomas, and Jim Roebuck allowed a total of 7 goals against.

In the State Quarter-final, the Raptors were a perfect 6 for 6 in PK’s. Jake Hill in Regulation, Pedro Cobo, Blake Sams, TJ Munzel, Jake Hill, and Dalton Bickel in the PK round. Oh, and Hyatt made 2 ridiculous saves in OT and in PKs.

In 9 games since May 5th, the Raptor offense scored 26 goals.

For the year, (thanks to Hally Lockhart for assembling these stats) Ravenwood scored a total of 70 goals for an average of 3.68 goals per game. Hill(18), Hetherington(12), C. Barker(8), TJ Munzel(6), Bickel(5), Boone(4), Jim Roebuck(4), Sams(3), Joe Roebuck(3), Lockhart(2), Jarmillo(2), Barone(2), Cobo(1)

For the year, Ravenwood allowed only 25 goals for an average of 1.3 goals per game.

Fun “Stats”/Observations

Since May 5th, Hill scored in every game. On 2 occasions, he scored twice. In 3 of the 8 games, he was the Raptors only goal scorer.

Barone and Conlon like to wear limited amounts of clothing in ice baths and hot tubs.

Baker Lockhart CAN be the voice of reason. See Jake’s Houston goal video when Baker had to stop the boys from celebrating to avoid a yellow card.

Coach Jose has less hair that when the season started.

Hyatt made 400 saves against Houston.

Sams ran a total of 400 miles in the 3 final games.

Munzel played hurt. Hill played hurt. Others did too.

Baker Lockhart took 400 throw-ins since May 5th.

Cobo had an average of 4.7 slide tackles per game.

Boone is tough.

Chris Barker is quick. Hetherington is fast.

The covered benches are sweet! Our field is the best in the state(thank you Neil Knickerbocker).

9 Seniors. Enough said. Shout out to the girls who will have at least that many in the fall. Can the girls go on a similar run??

If you want to follow the Raptors on twitter, follow Jeff Hyatt.

Rushing the field is fun. Jeff Munzel can pick them up and put them down. Brian Bickel can too. Brent Hethington knows how to give a good victory hug.

The boys like their chocolate milk.

Our students cheer the best.

The Levine family has been an inspiration to this team.

We will never forget this season…the memories, lessons learned, and friendships made. Thank you 2016 Raptors! #G2BARR

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