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Thursday Night Centennial Game Recap - Weather Miserable and Raptors Struggled...Enough said.

Unlike to beautiful sunrise in this picture, the weather last night during the Raptors/ Cougars game was not! Although the weather was bad for both teams, it seemed to effect the Raptors more. The game was delayed many times with decisions on continuing to play and the Raptors just could not get untracked. The game was eventually postponed and a decision will be made at a later date to continue the game or not.. There were not many highlights for the Raptors. However, Hagan Severance, Bryce Denton (2B), Davis Elliott and Ryan Beamish all had hits. Daniel Hopfensberger and Drew Haynie had RBI's. Bailey Whitten, Severance and Beamish had stolen bases. The next game for the Raptors is scheduled for tonight vs. White House Heritage at their place. Keep an eye out for alerts as the weather does not look favorable. See you at the Ball Park! Go Raptor's!