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Raptors take flight and shoot the Stars out of the sky!

The 2016 edition of your Ravenwood Raptors football team took the field Thursday night against the Stars from Seigel High School.  In a true test of gridiron grit, the Raptors prevailed in a come from behind victory as they were honored with playing one of the first games of 2016 season in the state.  The truest test of any team’s character is how they handle adversity.  Heading into the final quarter the Raptors found themselves behind but gathered together as a team and marched down the field twice to secure the victory. 
For a full game recap read the Brentwood Homepage article at:  http://www.brentwoodhomepage.com/marrow-leads-ravenwood-past-siegel/
While the article notes those players who scored, we should always acknowledge every player on the field, the unsung heroes, who contribute to making every play work.  The entire team demonstrated their dedication, their tenacity, and their character in this game.
Next up is Brentwood, continuing the storied rivalry of the “Battle of the Woods”.  Come Join the Flock next Friday night at BHS, 7pm.    We are Raptors for Life and it’s Great 2 B A Ravenwood Raptor.