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IN FOCUS: Kendall Lynch

IN FOCUS: Kendall Lynch

In our last installment of IN FOCUS, we take a closer look at Senior Kendall Lynch. We asked her some questions to get a better idea of who she is and what she's about. Here’s what Kendall said…

Name? Number?
Kendall Lynch, #8

What position do you play for the Raptors?
Left/Right Forward

How long have you been playing soccer?
I have played soccer for 6 years.

What is your favorite position?
My favorite position to play is forward.

What were/are your goals for this season?
My goals for the season were to become a better player all around and get to state!

What regular season game are you most looking forward to? Why?
I am really looking forward to the Brentwood game because it is the rival!

Tell me about the most exciting sports experience you've had? An exciting game you participated in, watched, etc.
My most exciting soccer experience would be watching the USWNT play Germany in Nashville earlier this year.

What are your plans after high school?
I plan to go to college.

If your plans include college, have you decided on where you are going or at least narrowed it down?
I want to attend the University of Montevallo.

Why have you selected this college/colleges?
This school is nice and small and a perfect fit for me.

Do you plan on playing soccer beyond high school? Are you pursuing other interests (music, art, business, medicine, etc)?
I plan to play soccer in college, and I also would love to join Deca, along with a sorority and attend weekly dance lessons.

Who is your favorite professional athlete and why?
My favorite professional athlete is Christiano Ronaldo because he always plays to his best and he has accomplished so much in his life.

Who's your favorite teacher? Why is he/she your favorite?
My favorite teacher at Ravenwood would definitely be Mrs. McGhee because she always has a smile on her face.

Do you have any mentors or anyone in your life you really look up to? Why?
My old Spanish teacher, Mrs. Blake, and my mother would be my two mentors I look up to the most because they are very strong, intelligent women.

Who or what inspires you?
Music is my biggest inspiration because it helps me to connect with everything else in the world.

Tell us about your accomplishments you are most proud of?
I am most proud of my straight A’s and who I’ve become as a person.

Tell us about your parents/family? What they mean to you? What they do for a living? Anything else you want to share...
My mother, my best friend in the entire world, means everything to me. Her and my dad have worked hard to be where we all are as a family. My siblings are just as strong-headed as my parents, but there are too many to tell any details about…

Have there been any times if your life when you have overcome adversity and learned something about overcoming an obstacle?
There have been many occurrences I have had to overcome, but nothing has ever been too challenging to where I’ve wanted to give up.

What are your favorite things about Brentwood? Places to eat, things to do, etc?
I absolutely love going to the Cool Springs mall and hanging out with friends there. The best place I’ve eaten at so far was Cool Springs Brewery.

Tell us about a typical day in the life of you?
A typical day in life is me doing homework, cleaning, and then spending time with my family.

What kinds of activities do you do outside of Ravenwood Soccer? Church groups, mission trips, music, other sports, Etc.
I am in RHS Chorale.

Tell us something funny about you? Embarrassing moment, etc.?
Funniest thing I can remember me doing would be when I performed in a school talent show and tried to hit a very high note I was not comfortable with and my voice cracked so badly. I was embarrassed, but people were super nice about it so I laughed it off.

What advice would you give to other girls who aspire to play varsity soccer at Ravenwood?
As long as you have confidence and work hard, you will definitely surprise yourself!

When life gets challenging, what do you do to deal with the worries and stresses of life?
I dance around my room with my headphones on when I need to forget about anything and get rid of some stress! Music is my complete escape.

Tell us about the blessings you have in your life.
I’m thankful for the family I have and the life I live!

If you see Kendall, please let her know how much you appreciate her and her dedication to Ravenwood girls soccer.

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