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Senior Spotlight: Blake Brown

Blake Brown has been running cross country and track since middle school.  He is currently serving as one of our co-captains.

Why do you run? To stay in shape/ hang out with friends.

When/how did you start running? I started running in 6th grade after Coach Wax at Sunset persuaded me to join the cross country team after we did the pacer test.

What is your favorite workout? My favorite workout would have to be the predator run I did my sophomore year.

What advice would you offer a new runner? Keep with the program, and trust Coach. He knows what he is doing, don’t be discouraged because you have a bad race. Use it to fuel yourself in the next race.

What will you miss the most about running cross country at Ravenwood? I will miss all the people that I run with on a daily basis and all time and effort I have put in here.

What is on your iPod? I do not run with with an Ipod, I like to run with my thoughts because it is a good time to relieve stress.

What do you like to do besides run? Outside of running I like to hangout with friends or watch a classic movie.

What do you plan to study in college? In college I plan to study engineering.