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Senior Spotlight: Bryce Akridge

Senior Bryce Akridge is in the midst of his second cross country season after playing baseball for two years.  

Why do you run? Because I want to have Kevin’s body one day.

When/how did you start running? I ran in middle school, stopped in 9th and 10th grade, and started again my junior year.

What is your favorite workout? Cemetery hills with numbers 3,6, and 9 off.

What advice would you offer a new runner? Don’t run track so you are allowed to take reps off in workouts.

What will you miss the most about running cross country at Ravenwood? Slumber parties with the boys on the overnight trips, Hailey E, the valley, Coach’s roasts.

What is on your iPod? “Everytime we touch” by Cascada.

What do you like to do besides run? I like watching Kentucky football, playing soccer, basketball and football, and talking to the ladies.

What do you plan to study in college? Undecided but probably something business related.