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Senior Spotlight: Daniel Nicastro

Daniel Nicastro has been running cross country and track since middle school.  He served as co-captain of the 2015 boys cross country team at Ravenwood.

Why do you run? Even when it's frustrating due to injuries or a bad race, there is always something to try to achieve, whether it's PR'ing a race or just finishing it.

When/how did you start running? I started running with Ranger Turner in 6th grade because my brother did. Every day before I run, I throw my head back and scream "Boys, let's do some running" towards the sky in his honor.

What is your favorite workout? I prefer Raintree hills because they are long enough to where you have to pace yourself but short enough that you have to push yourself the whole time.

What advice would you offer a new runner? Listen to your body. If your legs don't feel right, do something about it before it becomes a lasting problem.

What will you miss the most about running cross country at Ravenwood? The soothing surface of the sharp rubber track on our backs as my teammates and I bask in the glory of the afternoon sun.

What is on your iPod? Cascada and Benni Benassi, exclusively.

What do you like to do besides run? Ice, cross train, and practice my rhymes for the next battle.

What do you plan to study in college? Economics and Chemistry.