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Senior Spotlight: Sebastian Bielski

Senior Sebastian Bielski has been running for four years. Here is his senior spotlight:

Why do you run? I didn’t enjoy running when I first started, but now I find it relaxing and a stress reliever. It’s great exercise and I have always enjoyed being outdoors.

When/how did you start running? My mom ran in high school and encouraged me to join.

What is your favorite workout? It’s not a workout, but I enjoy running in Smith Park.

What advice would you offer a new runner? Get professionally fitted for a new pair of shoes.

What will you miss the most about running cross country at Ravenwood? The away meets; especially Jesse Owens because you get pumped with the music blasting!

What is on your iPod? A little bit of everything

What do you like to do besides run? Hiking, biking, snow skiing, and wakeboarding.

What do you plan to study in college? Architecture and international business.