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Rosen Wins 800m at MBA

Ravenwood sent a small contigent of Lady Raptors to MBA to brave the gale force wins and compete against Harpeth Hall, Hume Fogg, and MLK Wednesday afternoon.  Sophomore Alex Rosen won her first ever 800m run by a staggering 11 seconds.  Here are the other highlights from the meet:

  • Sarah Murphy placed 4th in the high jump
  • Ella Rhoades placed 5th in the 1600m
  • Taylor Hill placed 4th in the 400m
  • Lauren Milstone was runner up in the 300H
  • Sabrina Zahrir placed 4th in the 800m
  • 4x400m relay team of Lauren Shepard, Taylor Hill, Msgana Araya, and Camilla Kjeve placed 4th.