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White Jumps TN #1 5'6.5", Breaks Ravenwood High Jump Record

After two days of thunder, lightning, and flash floods, the Lady Raptors were antsy to compete on Wednesday when the Wilco Championships finally got underway.  With the sun shining and the winds at a mininum, it turned out to be another red letter day for Ravenwood senior Riley White, who broke the school record in the high jump with a TN #1 jump of 5' 6 1/2", won the 100m, anchored the 4x100m relay, and won the 200m.  Here are the full highlights by event:

100m - Riley White (1st), Kennedy McCoy (7th)
200m - Riley White (1st), Kennedy McCoy (5th)
400m - Kiara Carter (5th), Maeve Hanley (6th)
800m - Annika Sleenhof (1st), Grace Parsons (2nd), Caroline Groves (6th)
100m hurdles - Lauren Milstone (5th)
300m hurdles - Lauren Milstone (3rd)
4x100m relay - Caroline Groves, Kennedy McCoy, Grace Parsons, Riley White (1st)
4x200m relay - Aries Ballard, Bella Dawson, Camilla Kjeve, Lauren Milstone (4th)
4x400m relay - Caroline Groves, Taylor Hill, Maeve Hanley, Annika Sleenhof (2nd)
high jump - Riley White (1st), Mikayla Murphy (7th)
pole vault - Ashton Carteaux (3rd)
shot put - Caroline Briggs (7th)