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Volleyball: Summer Workout Opportunity

Ravenwood Volleyball Summer Workout Logistics
Location: Franklin Strength - 1886 General George Patton Drive, Franklin, 37067
Trainer: Aaron West – amwesttraining@gmail.com
Contact Aaron for details.

Ravenwood Families,

This summer, I would like to provide our returning athletes, as well as our incoming athletes, with an opportunity to participate in volleyball specific workouts with Aaron West. This is completely OPTIONAL and not a required activity. If your child is unable to attend the workout sessions due to other obligations, it will not reflect poorly on her. I have created this opportunity to simply allow our athletes to stay in shape over the summer and to build upon strengths as well as to improve upon their weaknesses, helping to prevent injuries.

Aaron is an experienced, certified strength and conditioning specialist who is very familiar with volleyball and extremely knowledgeable in volleyball movement. Workouts will take place at Franklin Strength located in the Cool Springs area. Utilizing a facility outside of Ravenwood will allow the girls to have unrestricted access to a gym when I am out of town for USAV HP.

Aaron has proposed we train 3 days per week (Tues/Thurs/Fri) with a total of 20 training sessions during the months of June and July. Total cost of the program will be $140 and will be due the first day of attendance. We understand summer brings on vacations, camps, etc. and therefore, Aaron has built “absences” into the cost of the program. He priced each session at $7 so even if your daughter misses half of the workouts, you are still only paying $14 per session. A fantastic value!!

If your daughter is interested in attending training sessions, please email Aaron at amwesttraining@gmail.com as soon as possible so he can plan accordingly.

Go Raptors!

Coach Abbey West