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Cross Country Tryouts a Success as Everyone Hits the Mark

With cross country tryouts taking place at the end of July every summer, runners generally face the adversarial weather as they try to run their 3 miles as quickly as possible. Today, prospective runners were greeted with temperatures in the mid 60s and mild humidity, and their performances reflected this good fortune. With alumni scattered throughout the course cheering loudly, Matthew Rigsby led the way in 16:10, followed closely by Kevin Frost and Carter Myers. Jack Dang, Jack Dellinger, and Nolan McGinnity were in the 17s, David Story and Trevon Miller clocked 18s, and newcomers David Kertai and John Askew rounded out the top 10 who will compete at the Voyles Classic. You can check out the updated roster and schedule as cross country is finally underway!