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IN FOCUS: Savannah Hill

Name? Number?
Savannah Hill, 10

What position do you play for the Raptors?

How long have you been playing soccer?
Since I was 3 years old

What is your favorite position?

What were/are your goals for this season?
Lead the team and get past the district tournament.

What regular season game are you most looking forward to? Why?
Brentwood, because it is a classic rivalry and their team didn't really change from last year and I'm excited to see how we do against them.

Tell me about the most exciting sports experience you've had? An exciting game you participated in, watched, etc.
Winning the National Championship in Frisco, Texas this summer.

What are your plans after high school?
Move on and earn a degree at a college.

If your plans include college, have you decided on where you are going or at least narrowed it down?
I don't really know, but I'm looking at bigger state schools in the South.

Why have you selected this college/colleges?
I am interested in these colleges so I can meet new people and enjoy the college experience.

Who's your favorite teacher? Why is he/she your favorite? (ok to have 2 but please limit to 2).
Ms. Obot and Coach Elrod. Ms. Obot and Coach Elrod are my favorite teachers because they made their classes fun and I got to know them.

Do you have any mentors or anyone in your life you really look up to? Why?
My mom is someone who I really look up to and I consider to be a huge mentor in my life. She has always showed me the right way to act and not one time has she let me down. She is there for me no matter what and no matter the decisions I make.

Tell us about your accomplishments you are most proud of?
The academic awards I have earned because of my work in the class room, and my athletic awards like winning state, regionals, and nationals.

Tell us about your parents/family? What they mean to you? What they do for a living? Anything else you want to share...
I have a mom, dad, older brother (Jake), and three younger sisters (Courtney, Gracie, and Emmy. My dad is in the solar business and is also helping my uncle start a fitness and wellness business called Yaypo. My family is the reason I am the person I am today. They have always supported me and given me guidance while allowing me to feel comfortable and myself.

Tell us about a typical day in the life of you?
During the school year, I wake up around 6:20am and getting ready for school until about 7:10 when I leave. After school during soccer season, we have practice until 5 then I go home. When I get home I usually do my homework, eat dinner and go to bed.

What kinds of activities do you do outside of Ravenwood Soccer?
Outside of school, I participate in a church small group.

What advice would you give to other girls who aspire to play varsity soccer at Ravenwood?
I would tell them to work hard, practice a ton, and always ask how you can improve your game.

When life gets challenging, what do you do to deal with the worries and stresses of life?
I usually play soccer haha, it seems to be my release from reality and the only thing that doesn't fail to make me feel better when life gets a little stressful.

Tell us about the blessings you have in your life.
Honestly, my whole life is a blessing. Compared to other kids my age in the world I have it really good and way beyond the norm. I am blessed with so many things like a loving family, food, clothes, education and a bed.

When you see our seniors, please thank them for their years of dedication and commitment to the Lady Raptor soccer program. We appreciate our Seniors and GO RAPTORS!